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The Man Behind The Mechanics

Cream Puff Radio

Meet Jason Youngberg

Jason Youngberg. The owner of Antique Modern Radios in Flossmor

 Born and raised in Park Forest, Il.  Jason Youngberg attended Rich East High School and has been an excellent addition to the local business in downtown Flossmoor for over two years. Jason has an old soul and enjoys the classic things in life, such as classical music, old cars, and all types of science. One of his many talents includes bringing old vehicles back to life, like his prized possession 1981 Caprice, and resurrecting what was once a staple of every home, beautiful radios. His interest in bringing new life to what many currently dismiss as outdated and useless dates back years. Jason owned a beautiful AM radio but could not use it due to its condition and features. However, he thought, what if it was made Bluetooth-compatible and usable with today's features instead of letting them collect dust?

Jason with his car

Since then, Jason has pursued his passion for resurrecting beautiful classic antique record players, radios, and more. His shop, Modern Antique Radios, in downtown Flossmoor or online is where you can find the gorgeous pieces that he has restored and made Bluetooth compatible—additionally helping those with family heirlooms or others with a new appreciation for the classic style with conversion and refurbishing requests of their radios and record players.


If you are looking for a new statement piece or remember that cool radio in your garage, see Jason at Modern Antique Radios. He will bring it to the 21st century without losing the classic style that made these such coveted possessions. He loves to bring new life to the old style.

Jason Youngberg. The owner of Antique Modern Radios in Flossmor

Jason at 1056 Sterling Ave, Flossmoor

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